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Yep, that’s me. Not the best image of me, or even the newest, but at least you now know who I am. No, I don’t sell cars for a living and I’m not a computer or a spammer or anything weird like that.

I started out in the world of architecture and design working a normal day job with no intentions of one day making the switch to a life focused on creating imagery.  From drawing lines on a page, I slowly started learning Photoshop to help with architectural renderings and then started helping out with the architectural photography.  I was happy doing that for a while until I decided to try my hand at portraiture, which is where my whole outlook on work and job security changed.  So now I shoot editorial portraiture (and love it!) with some architectural and other detail work thrown in there for seasoning.

Photography-wise I'm focused on Commercial and Editorial Photography with a focus on portraiture. Click over to view my blog for the most recent work. And I’m happy to travel and would love to build an experience that meets and exceeds your needs.