Month after Christmas Twister | Mobile, Alabama

I was out driving yesterday and had my camera on me so I decided to take a few minutes and shoot a couple of images of the remaining devastation from the tornado that struck on Dec. 25th. It's been a little over a month since it hit and it's still amazing how evident the destruction was.  It really makes you think about the power of those beasts.  And makes you realize how amazing it was that no one was hurt during the event.Mobile Alabama Christmas Twister Damaged Houses

I have been wanting to shoot some images of the destruction and even the people involved for some time now but didn't want to offend those affected since it was still a fresh wound. I figure a month after has allowed some time.Mobile Alabama Christmas Twister Damaged Houses

These shots are only of a few of the houses damaged around Dauphin Street and Carlen and then up around Springhill Avenue.  The houses I shot appear to be a total loss but maybe the owners will rebuild.  I'd love to photograph and possibly interview them if anyone knows the owners to get their story and what they plan to do going forward.Mobile Alabama Christmas Twister Damaged Houses

Mobile Alabama Christmas Twister Damaged Houses

The last two are of the house on Springhill Ave, which was such an awesome residence.  Glad no one was hurt but sad that it got completely wiped out.