Industrial Plant Annual Magazine Shoot | Mobile AL Portrait Photographer

Had to go on assignment yesterday to a semi-local industrial plant to create some images for their annual magazine.  Chris was my tour guide and also my subject for the afternoon.  He was great from the start and we worked through his normal day and go some great working shots.

Met a couple of other notable people, one of whom (Scott) was more than happy to be included in some of the actual shots.  Turned out his wife is also a photographer in this area, so I figure he is more than used to being photographed.

As I do these shoots, I'm trying more and more to shoot my lighting setup shots and some personal portraits in my style.  Forgot on the lighting setup for this job but did have time to shoot a couple of portraits next to this awesome concrete wall.  Since these aren't going to be used for the client, I can post them here.

This was also the first shoot where I had to get "dressed up".  Meaning I had to wear exactly what Chris is wearing in the photos.  Should have taken a quick photo with the guys but forgot all about it.  Another thing to add to my normal "to do" list.  Pretty fun but super confining and hot!  I can't imagine wearing that all day everyday.  And I was there when the plant wasn't running so I can't imagine the heat on a normal day.  These guys definitely get extra points for that.