Local Musician Summerlyn Powers | Mobile AL Music Photographer

Summerlyn was another one of the special local musicians that was listed in a Mobile Bay article about the top 5 musicians to check out in our area.  Due to her age, I wasn't sure what to expect but I made the attempt to contact her anyways.

Tina, her mother, replied and we quickly got started working on a date that we could meet to do the shoot.  Before I met Summerlyn and Tina at their home yesterday, I still hadn't heard her hit song and knew little about the huge popularity surrounding her.  That isn't too unexpected as our car radio only has Disney songs for toddlers in the top repeat list.

But once Summerlyn played her song for me, I knew that it was more than just "local" or "small time" talent.  I am not a country music listener by any means, but I was floored at the talent from this young musician.  

One point I really loved is that she not only sings but also writes her music and can play.  Talent upon talent!  I hope that she accomplishes great things in the music scene and I feel due to her age, that she'll move into the grand spotlight quicker than most.


The area around her home was perfect for the type of shoot we wanted to do.  We made good use of the scenery and fought the wind for most of the short time we worked.  My only regret is that we couldn't have shot into the sunset.  The wheat field nearby would have been absolutely amazing with the sunset behind it!  

All in all, I think we got some great shots that represent her well and that maybe she can use for a little promotional material.