Notes for me: Miller Mobley Interview in PDN Magazine

Anyone who knows me, knows there are a few photographers out there that I follow a little too closely.  Miller Mobley is definitely one of those people and he posted a while back a new interview with PDN Magazine.  It's worth a read for all aspiring photographers out there and I found quite a few valuable nuggets of information that I plan to put into practice. 

Here is the link to his blog post about the interview:

To spoil the read, I'm going to list out below the highlights that I enjoyed.  This is more for me to have on record so I can find easily but if anyone benefits from it, all the better!

On showing his work to art directors: "I wasn't good at all, but I was confident, and naive.  I made those relationships early on..." 

To get the meetings, he'd email clients saying he was in town, even though he wasn't.  "The main thing was getting in the door, and building a relationship."

The personal projects... provided a steady supply of new work that he needed to keep his name in front of potential clients.  "I needed a reason to email them every two months."

"I started really studying editorial portraits - who's shooting what, what's out there." 

"Anybody coming through town, I would reach out to take their portrait: musicians, designers, friends - anyone and everyone I could to perfect my portraits and lighting." 

"I ask myself three questions before I take a job: Is there a good connection? Can I make something good? Is the money good? If the answer is "Yes" to two of those questions, I take it." 

I pretty much rewrote the whole article but there was so much great info, I had to put it all in.  So very grateful for Miller's great info and PDN for recording it.