People of Midtown - Elizabeth | Mobile Portrait Photographer

Met up with Elizabeth yesterday evening and was automatically greeted by a hug from Elizabeth's niece, Caroline (you'll meet her later in the pics).  From that moment, I knew we were going to have a great shoot!

I've actually been trying to schedule this shoot with Elizabeth for a while now but our schedules kept preventing it.  I was really glad we were able to do it yesterday and the weather (other than the wind) was perfect for the shoot.  Caroline acted as the director and VAL (voice activated light stand).

Elizabeth needed little direction and we got some great shots out of the day!  Plus she had an awesome garden area with this ivy-like wall, so there was plenty to work with!


Midtown Interview Questions for Elizabeth: 

How long have you lived in the Midtown area?  I've lived in Midtown Mobile, AL most of my life.

Do you like it?  I absolutely like Midtown.

If yes or no, why?  There's such an eclectic feel to Midtown. Home styles range from Bungalow, to Victorian to Spanish and more. Beautiful oaks, dogwoods and azaleas add to the ambiance. Wonderful little parks accent the neighborhoods.  Midtown brings back memories of family, in particular, my mother's parents. I suppose it's the history that appeals to me most. It's just home.

Curve ball question:  If 2013 was your last year alive, what would you do right now?  If my time alive was limited to the remainder of this year, I would soak up as much of my niece as possible. I'd take my family on a few trips since there's so much of the world I want to experience.


Shots below from my awesome assistant for the day, Caroline.   She was dying to take some shots so I stood aside and let her shoot.  She even got me in on the shoot!  Love the shot she took of Elizabeth laughing.  Nothing fake about that one!

Behind the scenes shots of Caroline working her magic.