People of Midtown - Frances | Mobile AL Editorial Photographer

Frances and I had a nice game of continual rescheduling before we finally were able to do the shoot last Monday evening.  The weather finally cooperated for us and we had a great time working around her home.  

She is also a very talented artist and had a nice art room up front that we tried to put to good use.  Once again, I am amazed by the talent that is living right around me in the Midtown area.  All you have to do is get out and meet your neighbors! 

Pictures below and Midtown questions afterwards! 

Questions for Frances: 

How long have you lived in the Midtown area?  I’ve lived in Midtown for twenty years.

Do you like   it?  If yes or no, why?  I like Midtown especially because it’s close to businesses that  a person needs and has easy access to the Interstate and Downtown.  Even West Mobile is easy to get to from Midtown.

How has it changed from when you first   moved here?  Maybe Midtown has changed some, people come and go and the places where we shop and eat may be different but I believe I have changed over the last twenty years more than Midtown.

Curve ball question: If you could give one piece of   advice to a large group of people, what would it be?  If I could give a large group of people a bit of advice I would tell them to find peace and joy within themselves and as a result they may discover they find peace and joy everywhere. It’s easier to love others when we love and respect our self first. Everything we need is inside us, not outside, look inside for whatever you desire.