People of Midtown - Artist Nolen | Mobile AL Portrait Photographer

Since I mentioned part of my intro yesterday with Nolen's wife Michele, today I'm going to talk a little more about my time at their house before the shoot.  Nolen was kind enough to tour me through his art spaces and talk about some of his work - finished and in progress.  

I was amazed at the magnitude of their artwork, both in sheer size and quantity (not to mention talent!).  Nolen said that a good deal of their artwork was damaged by the effects of the tornado.  But in front of me where tons of pieces of art still in tact, so it just let me know how massive their collection was and is.

And now for the pictures! 


Midtown Questions for Nolen:

How long have you lived in the Midtown area? I have lived in the Midtown area since 1963, off and on.

Do you like it? It's home.

When the tornado hit, what was going through your mind? When the tornado hit, I was trying to shut a big door to my studio. I had an epiphany, when I realized all weather is a continuum, all related, since the first weather occurred on this planet.

Curve ball question:

If 2013 was your last year alive, what would you do right now? If this were my last year, I would spend more time in my studio.