Winn Dixie Buddy Roll Sushi | Mobile AL Food Photographer

Stopped before dinner at our local Dixie again tonight and the Sushi Sampler used his cunning to get me to sample one of their tasty rolls, which lead to us purchasing one, which lead to me taking advantage of a well built sushi roll with some photographs.

I quickly found out sushi isn't that easy to photograph and make it look decent.  As soon as you break apart the roll, everything starts falling apart!  Then you get it plated and you have to clean all the smudges off the plate.  Lots of work which just makes me appreciate food photographers even more!

Soph spent the day over at Ash's parents house (where we ate supper), so part of her fun day was used baking peanut butter cupcakes.  And when you bake cupcakes, whether you have icing or not, you have to at least try the hot and tasty cakes - waiting a day on icing is just bad manners.  So I took a shot of the cupcakes as well even though it looks more like cornbread.