People of Midtown - Brooks | Mobile Portrait Photographer

Brooks was more than happy to volunteer for the shoot but there were a few issues that we had to deal with before we could start.  The first was that he actually doesn't live in the Midtown area.  I tossed the idea of including him anyways around for a while and decided that at this point in the project, I should include anyone relatively close and then I can cull later down the road if need be. And I was glad that I included Brooks!  A super nice guy from the moment we met and he welcomed me into his home right away.  While he doesn't live in Midtown, his house was very similar to the houses in the Midtown area and he had done a stellar job of renovating it to where it is now.  Really got me thinking about the possibilities in my own home!

Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown

The second obstacle we had to deal with was Mardi Gras.  When I first started talks with Brooks about the shoot, his house is on the main route so there were lots of neon orange fencing close to his house and parades daily.  Not really the best situations for an afternoon shoot.  So we had to put it off for a few weeks and I'm glad we did.  We not only had clean streets but a fantastic sunset to work with!

Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown

I've added the interview questions modified a little to fit him better:

How long have you lived in your area?  Owned my property for 3 years, but have lived in it (due to a full gut renovation) for close to 2 years now.

Do you like it?  Absolutely.

If yes or no, why?

  • I love it because I've been able to take a historical property and make it modern and mine on the inside.
  • I love it because we have trees in our neighborhoods.
  • I love it because bike friendly.
  • I love it because you can waive and say hello to your neighbors, and that's ok too.

Curve ball question:  If 2013 was your last year alive, what would you do right now?  I would hike Half Dome in Yosemite National Park by moonlight/headlamp - watch the sunrise from the top - and begin my descent as the first zestful hikers were just making their way to the top.

Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown Brooks Portrait | People of Midtown