People of Midtown - Wayne | Mobile Portrait Photographer

I met Wayne through a common acquaintance - pretty much how anyone meets anyone - and quickly found out that his situation was unique to most of the people I am including in this project.  It just so happens that even though Wayne has lived in Midtown for 10 years, he no longer lives there.  He lives very close and in my mind, still Midtown-ish, but not by official terms.  I'd say most people who live in Midtown heard of his unfortunate situation and completely understand the circumstances, so I'm going to leave that be for this post. Wayne graciously let me into his home and introduced me to his birds and cat, which treated me nicely enough and didn't pee/scratch/bite/etc. me, so I was grateful and enjoyed their company.  Looking back on the shoot now, I don't know why I didn't ask to include one of the pets in the images.  Any of them would have made excellent subjects for the shoot.

Wayne Portrait | People of Midtown 

Wayne warned me that he wasn't much of a subject for the camera but I think he did a fantastic job on the images.  Even when I shot while he was talking, he managed to pull off some good shots.

Wayne Portrait | People of Midtown

Questions for Wayne:

How long have you lived in Midtown:  Gone now but lived there for 10 years.

Did you like it (excluding the last event)?  I really loved living in midtown.

If yes or no, why?  The small neighborhoods that make up the larger whole, combined with the co-mingling of architectural styles, people of different backgrounds at different places in their lives and the beautiful oaks give midtown a character and feel that seems distinctly American to me. I have always felt that I have had one foot in midtown and the other downtown, even though I live downtown now, I still feel that connection.

Curve ball question: If 2013 was your last year alive, what would you do right now?

If 2013 was my last year...

1. I would make sure family and friends know how deeply I appreciate them. 2. Try very hard to make a difference in my community in my small ways. 3. Read as many books as possible. 4. Surround myself with laughter always. 5. Be as happy as possible in every moment. 6. Buy as many turquoise things as possible.


Wayne Portrait | People of MidtownWayne Portrait | People of MidtownWayne Portrait | People of Midtown