People of Midtown - Ashley | Mobile AL Portrait Photographer

Ashley is a fellow photographer for one of the magazines I shoot with and also happens to live in the Midtown area.  When she contacted me a few weeks ago, I was really excited to get her on board with the project. 

I've had such an issue lately with scheduling others that it was definitely nice to finally have another PoM shoot.   Ashley's husband Christopher was happy to join in the shoot so I ended up with two instead of one!  They both were awesome and we got some great shots!

Now the Midtown questions for Ashley: 

How long have you lived in the Midtown area?  Christopher and I moved to Midtown in February of 2012. What's that, 15 months?

Do you like it?  It was quite a difference having moved from Fairhope but we quickly grew to love it. 

If yes or no, why?  I personally love being so close to anything. It's 6 minutes to get downtown, 15 to get to Spanish Fort and well, I don't go out to West Mobile very often. Haha.

Do you feel there are any benefits to a close knit community?  I think having a close knit community is a big deal. When we first moved in our neighbor left a card and Pollman's on our doorstep. I mean, who does that anymore? I immediately felt like we belonged and knew that we had people in the area looking out for us.