People of Midtown - Christopher | Mobile AL Portrait Photographer

Part 2 of my Midtown shoot with Ashley and Christopher from last Thursday!

I really appreciated Christopher's answers to the questions below.  While we love Midtown, since we've had kids, my wife and I often talk about how great it would be if Midtown could have a decent park area.

Midtown Questions for Christopher:

Do you like living in the Midtown area? It's OK.

If yes or no, why? Like everyone always says, it's close to downtown and work. Though I really wish it was more pedestrian friendly and had some decent parks, or even just one. 

Do you feel there are any benefits to a close knit community? Yes. Having friendly neighbors is always a plus. Especially because my wife and I have a tendency to lock ourselves out of the house.

Curve ball question:  If this was your last year alive, what would you do differently now? Live in as many places as possible.