People of Midtown - Giselle | Mobile AL Portrait Photographer

Had a great time meeting Giselle last Thursday evening at her hair salon in Midtown.  We broke out from the norm on this shoot and decided to try it at her place of work instead of her home, since both are located in the Midtown area.  Not only is it in a great location (right behind Fuego's!) but it's also a really personalized and cool space.  Lots of visual interest for photos! 

Midtown Questions: 

What do you do for a living?  I am a hair dresser and own a small hair studio, Chez Giselle Hair Studio in Midtown.

Name one activity you love to do in your free time and why?  I love being at home in my free time putzing around or working in the garden. If I had more time, the answer would be traveling.

Why were you interested in this photo project?   I am interested in the project because it is unique in that you focus on ordinary people living their lives in a wonderful little community. I have really enjoyed seeing people I know profiled in the project.

How long have you lived in the Midtown area?  We have lived in midtown for 15 years.

Do you like it? If yes or no, why?  Yes, we love it . We have always preferred living in the older parts of a city because they appeal to us aesthetically. I love the variety of styles of the homes which exist here in midtown.

Do you feel there are any benefits to a close knit community?  Of course there is the sense of community that you find here, we wouldn't trade our neighbors for anything, we have the best neighbors in the world! We watch out for one another, care for each others pets when out of town for the weekend, watch out for everyone's children. I mean, really, these are the things, the small things that create happiness in life. Feeling cared for and caring for others is an essential ingredient to a happy life.

How could the community as a whole make Midtown even better?  We have definitely had some challenging years living here due to a theft and violent crime spree. Neighborhood watch groups are essential in fighting crime and of course Michelle Nolan Schmidt has had a huge impact with her work for the Murphy Historic District association. So really, we need to remain vigilant and watchful for one another.

Do you have any memorable stories about Midtown?  One Mardi Gras some of my friends and I decided to make Mardi Gras wreaths for our front doors. We went to Toomeys and bought all this sparkly stuff and made these fabulous wreaths. Well, one of the friends lived on Houston Street and her's was stolen from her front porch. A few days afterwards she called me from Springhill Ave in Crighton were she said she saw her wreath. It was attached to the hood of a vehicle! It was terrible yet hilarious at the same time!